『山本卓身』のFacebookページ、いよいよスタートです。| Takumi Yamamoto’s facebook page is just started!




2008年のパリ・モーターショーで世界を仰天させた“GT by CITROEN”は、確かに卓身氏の出世作ではありますが、あれが総てというわけではありません。







                                                                                             PHOTO:Laurent Nivalle

Hi everyone, we are excited to announce Takumi YAMAMOTO’s official Facebook page!
This page is run by friends and supporters of car designer Takumi YAMAMOTO, to support him and his vision… with his approval of course! Not only that but we will also have regular
contributions from Takumi himself – he’s not a show-off by nature but we’ve managed to twist his arm.

At the 2008 Paris motor show, he surprised everyone with his GT by Citroen. Of course it’s his masterpiece but that’s not the whole story… Through this page, you will get to see creations from Takumi’s childhood, his recent thoughts and perhaps even future ideas.

At the same time you’ll learns about the ideas, thought processes and inspirations behind his creations. What led him to draw this? What was the idea behind that? You may enjoy trying to solve some of these riddles! You’ll also get a glimpse into his personality and his life in Paris.

We’re not really sure how it will go yet but we’ll try to update regularly (A couple of times time per month) to keep you informed and interested in what Takumi’s up to.

So, all you petrolheads and car design
enthusiasts out there, we hope you enjoy this page, please give us your
support by clicking “Like” and helping us to spread the word.

We look forward to a long lasting relationship!!

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