Dear David Bowie / 親愛なるデヴィッド•ボウイへ 05


At the beginning, this was my personal after-work project.

Then people took an interest and offered me help, this quickly became a team, which fortunately included a sponsor who proposed to build a full size sculpture of this portrait for us.

But unfortunately that sponsor pulled out from the project at the end last year, so now we are seeking a solution to make this happen.

In the meantime, I would like to share the work in progress until we finish the 3D model, 1/5th scale model (3D printed) and then the final full size model.

Our goal is to build a full size sculpture of this portrait.

And hopefully find the solution and/or sponsor during this unveiling process in order to deliver the final portrait model.







Animation : Alexandre Larnac

3D CAD modelilng : Cyrille Ancely

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