Car Styling vol.013 / カースタイリング vol.13

ただ今発売中のカースタイリング vol.13に「A portrait of David Bowie」の5ページにわたる特集記事を書いていただきました。素晴らしい記事をありがとうございます。

ボリューム はほぼ完了。






5 pages of a great article on our “A portrait of David Bowie” project in the latest issue of “Car Styling” vol.13! Many Thanks for a great article.

The form itself is almost finished!

Now we are woking on transforming DB’s songs and voices to forms by using parametric design which allow me to “collaborate” with him. But as we are not pro of the technic, we are struggling a little bit!

If you are pro of parametric design and open to support us, please let us know!

And we are still seeking the sponsor for the full scale model!

If you are interested, please let us know!


VOL. 13 (August 2017)

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