GT by Citroen

An industry-first collaboration between Citroen and GRAN TURISMO.

He led this project from its initial conception, oversaw the planning and designed the exterior himself. The aim was to inspire the next generation, by making a new kind of concept car that was relevant to the latest media trends.
He realised the potential of video games getting ever closer to the design presentation tools used in the automotive industry and identified the opportunity the continued expansion of online gaming represented.
The concept was to design the “Concept car in your garage” – an exotic concept car which everyone, everywhere could own if they had a Sony PlayStation 3 and the GRAN TURISMO game.
Normally concept cars disappear from the media in a couple of months but this project resulted in “long tail” content that gamers could ‘drive’ whenever they wanted.
Traditionally, video games recreate existing cars in their virtual world but this project created the new paradigm, which went the other way, from the virtual to the real world. In fact, the car in the game is the real one and the running prototype which exists in the real world is the replica of it.

自動車メーカーのデザイン部で使われるプレゼンテーションソフトウェアの能力にビデオゲームの表現能力が肉迫している事実と、そのネットワークに注目し、「あなたのガレージにショーカーを 」のコンセプトのもと、コラボレーション企画を立ち上げる。プレイステーション3とグランツーリスモのソフトウェアがあれば世界各国誰でも所有、体感できるコンセプトカーを実現。モーターショーの前後数ヶ月で表舞台から姿を消してしまうショーカーを、好きなときにいつでもいつまでもドライブできるロングテールコンテンツに。実車をゲームに取り入れるリアルからヴァーチャルへというのがそれまでの流れであったが、ヴァーチャルからの発信を試み、ヴァーチャルからリアルという流れを作る。ゲーム中の車が本物で、実際に制作された実車がレプリカ、というコンセプトカー。

Geneva motor show with LV classic award trophy

with LV classic award trophy

Concept board to explain what this project is about.

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Shanghai, Photo shooting with Models !

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