2018 Dassault Systems Hackathon

TY participated in the Dassault Systèmes-sponsored hackathon held in Milano Salone, Italy in 2018 with “A Portrait of David Bowie” team. In only two days, we planned and designed the theme of “Urban transportation in 2050 inspired by nature”. TY won the championship against car designers and product designers from all over the world.

We adopted air traffic, which is said to be the most efficient in terms of infrastructure development and causes less damage to the environment, and proposed a “personal flight jacket.” The concept was set in the super-city center of 2050, where the ban on cars was strictly enforced. 

People call their personal flight jackets on their cell phones and go to the sky, where it follows the bird group flight algorithm and arrives at the destination by the most effective route. Greening of roads that are no longer in use, where trees are used as perches and charging spots for flight jackets. The existing subway network is used for the distribution network.

A project that proposes solving 2050’s problems of increasingly crowded urban areas and environmental issues, through dreams and hopes, and technologies (that can be realized in time).