A portrait of db

This was an original Takumi YAMAMOTO concept  for a highly artistic design study,  rather than a client project.

A homage to David Bowie, an artist who fascinated Takumi YAMAMOTO as much as car design. In this work, Takumi YAMAMOTO tried to express himself by using “car” as a medium, just as an artist chooses to express themselves through oil paint, watercolor, clay, wood or bronze.

For more than 20 years it was intended to be realized in collaboration with David Bowie, who sadly passed away just as TY started work on the project. The unfulfilled feelings were realized by transforming them into a homage to his hero. Complete full-size portrait over 5m in length were created by 3D printing. At the exhibition hall, projection mapping was also used to help realize the unique portrait of the cultural icon. In addition, Takumi Yamamoto succeeded in decorating the sculpture’s surface with a parametric design derived from Bowie’s music. New technology is providing never-seen-before opportunities for collaboration.

Photos by Kô Oda, Tonio Parez