SkyDrive was established to realize a “flying car”.

Takumi Yamamoto has been involved as a Design Director since the early days of SkyDrive, in the design, branding, and development of a flying car.

SkyDrive’s first manned vehicle, the “SD-03”, which Takumi Yamamoto led the design of had its debut in Tokyo in August 2020.

The SD-03, which achieved Japan’s first successful manned flight in the summer of 2020, will be the second flying machine from SkyDrive designed by Takumi YAMAMOTO,  following the company’s previously announced cargo drone “UM-01”.

At the dawn of a new age, the objective is not only a means of A-to-B transportation that can be driven with ease, but also to deliver a charismatic design encourages people to dream of a new flying car era.

Who expected the current automobile society when the world’s first automobile was born in 1769?

What will happen to the flying car society 100 or 200 years from now?

Takumi Yamamoto will fully support the new era of flying cars that is only just beginning.