Mecha-tech racer project

dbプロジェクトのチームメイト、アレックスとHororaiカスタムのファブと始めたオリジナルプロジェクト。そこにdbプロジェクトのシリルもモデラーとして参加の運びに!面白くなりそうです。”A portrait of db”で忙しくしばらく活動停止してましたが、これからこの春夏の発表に向けて活動再開!お楽しみに!

It’s our fun project I’ve started with Alex from “db” team and Fab from Hororai Custom. But now it seems like Cyrille from db team will join us! It been a while that we are stoped working on project as we’ve been busy for “A portrait of db” project but it doesn’t mean the project is stopped! We will be much more active from now on.
We are planning to unveil it this spring-summer time! stay tuned!